Theo has been searching for an experienced dentist who can fix a few of his oral health issues. After one of his fillings came out, Theo knew it was time to make a decision on who would fix it. Although Las Vegas is home to many different dentist offices, none of them seemed to fit his needs. Theo was referred by a friend to visit Dr. Jim Wright here at Four Seasons Dental Spa.

Right out the gate, Theo was welcomed by our friendly staff and began his initial screening exam. Here he was educated on what we do and why we’re different. We offer a concierge-style service where we educate and explain exactly what our protocols and procedures are and why they’re most beneficial for our patients’ whole health.

The Holistic Experience

Our goal was to take all of our years of experience and give that knowledge to Theo as well as all of our patients. Education is paramount, and knowledge is power.

I have been searching for a good dentist in Las Vegas for years, went to quite a few but I was never impressed until a buddy of mine recommended Four Seasons Dental Spa.

Dr. Wright and his wife Debby are amazing!  There are not many people like them left in this world, they have hearts made out of gold that will do what is best for you and that only.

That is not the only reason why I love them, they are also the absolute best in the business. They took the time to really educate me on why my mercury fillings were bad for me, then they used some of their advanced equipment/technology to show me what’s exactly was going on in my mouth (many of which I haven’t seen in any other dental practices)

I decided to be mercury-free so I went through the Safe Mercury Removal process which was awesome, I was blown away by the attention to details and how good Dr. Wright and his team were. I’m happy to say that I am finally mercury free and I feel amazing! There is a lot that mercury fillings do to your body that you are not aware of, If you have mercury fillings, I recommend going to them ASAP so it’s done the right way.

Dr. Wright is also a wizard when it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry. I wanted to make some improvements to my smile and I am very happy with the results.

Overall, they absolutely exceeded my expectations and now they have me as a customer for life. I’m very happy to say I’m mercury free and I love my new smile!

If you care about your health and you want things to be done the right way, I definitely recommend paying a visit to Four Seasons Dental Spa!

~ Theo B.