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Complete Testimonials

"A good dentist is hard to come by, I personally look for one that is going to be honest with me about all options as well as having a caring manner.

Dr. Wright was amazing, my choices were laid out in front of me, along with the exact level of decay on every tooth with a close-up camera shot of every tooth in my mouth.

I'm so happy to have found a DDS is Las Vegas like Dr. Wright. I also want to mention his wonderful staff and his wife Debby! They took such great care of me."
Andrew S.
"Dr. Wright and his team really took care of me. I was able to get a look at the exact level of decay on every single tooth in my mouth then discussed my treatment plan from there. They have very comfortable operating rooms, not what I generally look for at a dental office but a nice bonus. The entire office in general was very clean, very professional and made me feel at ease.

I was so happy with how wonderful his staff were and will be back again."
Encino, Los Angeles, CA
"Katelyn needed a baby tooth extracted today so we went to our holistic dentist. Dr. Wright, Dr. Miller, and staff took such good care of us. Katelyn is recovering nicely and when I ask her, "your pain level on a scale of 1 to 10?" she tells me a zero! We are not using any antibiotics. Her pain relievers are natural (ice packs) and homeopathic. Her appetite is amazing still. I have to keep her from flipping around the living room trying to do gymnastics and ballet.

Four Seasons Dental Spa comes highly recommended if you are tired of conventional dentists and are living a more holistic lifestyle."
Christine Mowen-Lusk
"Dr.Wright and his team are efficient, thorough and professional but also compassionate and down to earth. They go above and beyond to make sure your taken care of. S/o to his wife Debby, who should have been a lawyer the way she goes to bat for you to understand your treatment/options. On my last visit, I flew in and they arranged a pick up for me, fed me lunch and made sure to personally follow up with me post procedure. I encourage you if your looking for dentist that is experienced and truly cares about the well being of his patients Dr Wright and his team are it!"
Rochelle D.
"The amazing people, got out of bed this morning (Saturday) and came in to help my grandson who was in pain from two loose fillings. They are such a Blessing! The BEST dentist in the Tri State area. We have been traveling from Bullhead city since last year. So, worth the drive. An amazing group of people! Thank you, Dr. Wright.! God Bless You"
Becky B.
"Great and thorough service, was treated professionally (best cleaning I had in years). Thanks FourSeasons."
Gilbert F.
" Dr Wright is absolutely amazing.

All of my granddaughters teeth were in bad shape. She was in need of a lot of gentle care and treatment.

Dr Wright did such a wonderful job that when my 2 year granddaughter came back to visit, she said "Nana I need to go back to the dentist". It had only been 4 months since she was at Four Season Dental Spa.

Best Dentist ever.

Thank you

Dr. Wright & Debby"
"Lovely facility. Dr. Wright is very nice, my wife was nervous about changing dentists, but he put her right at ease. I would recommend them to anyone looking for someone who cares as much about your mouth as you do."
Joey T.
"Dr Wright is not just an amazing dentist but an artist with an incredibly gifted hand! He saved a tooth that was up for a crown with a genius filling! Less money in his pocket but he did what's best for me.

The staff and his wife Debbie are so so knowledgeable and friendly. I will recommend this place to all my friends and family."
Sara M.
"There is too many great things to be said about this location to list in a Yelp review. On each and every visit the employees are positive, upbeat and genuinely welcoming. I enjoy the vibe and upbeat atmosphere - and the great smell of the office itself.

Dr. Wrights chairside manner with his patients its fantastic and comforting - needed in the dental industry.

I had a spa treatment with Dina in their spa - 10 stars! I recommend their spa to everyone! I cannot rave enough about the service and attentiveness to detail. I really enjoy great service from service providers - and even more when they are truly experts in their field.

You won't be disappointed!"
Paul P.
"I'm thrilled with the service I've received from Dr. Wright and his team. After letting my mouth deteriorate for the better part of a decade, it was time to change direction. I put on my courage hat and walked into the office to see if I could schedule an appointment. Turns out I could do it! I was greeted warmly and professionally and (that in addition to the reviews I saw on Yelp) I felt like I was in the right place.

Every step of the way I've been nothing but satisfied. All members of the staff are polite, upbeat, and exude professionalism. Dr. Wright has a great demeanor and is curious and attentive to my questions and goals, and he aims to educate as he works. I really appreciate this approach, because when I understand what's going on then it becomes intuitive to act in a way that's best for my oral health.

I have a small mouth so I can be a pain, but it didn't stop Solchi from getting a proper x-ray on every nook and cranny, without making me feel uncomfortable once. And then Elizabeth got in there and cleaned me to kingdom come. For how thorough it was you'd think it would have hurt, but it was practically soothing. It's clear that both Solchi and Elizabeth take pride in their work and operate with a high degree of focus, which is really comforting and a great reflection of the office in general.

Call it a stroke of luck or my good instinct moment of the month, but I'm really glad I found Dr. Wright and his team. They've thoroughly assessed my oral health and given me the options and information I need to make good choices going forward, and I couldn't be more pleased."
Andrew L.
"BEST DENTIST EVER!!!! I have put off my dental work for so long it is an overwhelming thing to even think of. Not to mention I wanted a holistic dentist who would be able to help heal me and not cause more and even worse problems. Dr. Wright and his whole staff make you feel like family. They take their time and truly care about you and your whole experience! I will never go to another dentist for the rest of my life and if I ever move away from Vegas I will travel to come back and have all my dental work done here. For someone who is terrified of the dentist I can't wait to come back and have more work done!"
Marina K.
"Dr. Wright & Debbie took the time to go through and explain every treatment, how each would be done and the benefits. Dr. Wright was very patient with me because I have a broken job! Thank you to both of you, I appreciate your caring and great care!!!"
Natalie M.
"I've been going to Four Seasons for quite some time now and am really happy with Dr. Wright and Debby. They quite possibly saved my life. I had a root canal go bad on me and ended up in the throes of histamine intolerance somehow. I had to remove a second root canal and replace with a denture. Ka-Ching! Horrible blinding ordeal, all of it. There were really a lot of very tough choices I had to face in a crisis, so I am glad they were the previous dentist I had chosen and were there when I needed them. They spent over an hour talking with me that evening, and I never would have second guessed my second root canal complicating things. There is more speculation looking back even now than hindsight, but nevertheless, I was very, very ill and suffering from vertigo. There was too much of an infection process going on and too near my brain.

A registered dietician educated me on histamine intolerance. I couldn't even eat spinach. Tomato soup at that time would leave me in intractable pain. I still suffer with it to this day.

Dr. Jim Wright and his wife Debby are professionals who understand the impact of autoimmune conditions in their patients and reach out to patients who suffer due to mercury exposure. Chemical exposure has proven to be a key component in AI disease time and time again."
Cindy J.
"I've had the best Dental experience here...Dr Wright is extremely talented dentist, very knowledgeable and very conscientious of the patients wellbeing.....Dr. Wright and Debbie both run a very professional business and you know they all care about every one of their patients. I also love that they do a holistic approach to dental care."
Kathy L.
"I was looking for a holistic dentist and started going to Four Seasons Dental Spa about a couple of months ago. I can't believe how friendly everyone is, and how well i was treated by the staff, Dr, Wright, and his lovely wife Debby. They really go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at ease. Dr. Wright and Debby made me feel as special and important as if I was their own family member. They took time to answer all my questions. I feel they are knowledgeable, compassionate and very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a highly qualified holistic dentist."
Laura B.
"I had a very positive experience at FSDS and I would highly recommend it to anyone for the following reasons. Dr. Wright, his wife Debby, and all their staff are highly knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate. I'm usually very nervous when it comes to dental visits, but they went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. It was my first time seeing a holistic dentist and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I thought the exam would only take an hour or so, but I was there for 4 hours! I have never had an dentist and their staff spend so much time with me. Even though the visit took longer, it didn't seem like it. They went over all of my issues in great detail. Besides recommending a treatment plan, they take time to actually educate their patients as to the root cause of health problems and what you can do to improve not only your dental, but overall health. Instead of dreading going back for future dental appointments, I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Dr. Wright, Debby, and all of your staff. You guys are all rock stars!"
Laura B.
"Dr. Wright is a wonderful dentist with a friendly, compassionate staff. He really cares about his patients and has reached out to check on me even over the weekend. His wife Debby is the office manager and her concern for their patients is obvious as well.

Dr. Wright is a holistic dentist and able to fill cavities without using any mercury. My health has improved in the last year of my seeing them, not just orally, but overall."
Mobley G.
"If you want the best and can't settle for nothing less, then Four Seasons Dental Spa is the right place for you. We have been coming here for years since 2007 as a matter of fact. If you have ever been treated by Dr. Wright like us you will never choose another dentist ever again. His staff is held to the same excellence as he is and they live up to his standards. They are great we Love them all like family."
Lyons Family
"Dr. James P. Wright - Highly recommended"
Dr. Dave Burns, DDS
Fort Wayne, Illinois
"A vast breadth of knowledge. A real empathetic sense of patient care. Very precise medical descriptions. He helps me better understand things I already know!"
Dr. David Schleimer, DMD
Walnut Creek, California
Testimonials Las Vegas - Louis Spahn "Dear Jeff Burke,
On Monday I went to Four Seasons Dental Spa to get the Exam that we won at the Open House.

Jeff the treatment was everything you said it would be. Dee did the X-rays and it was exciting to see the pictures on the monitor larger than life. Then Dr James did the Exam. He knows what he is looking at and having the camera to show me the challenges with my teeth in larger than life, full color was truly a very convincing presentation.

He could not believe that it had been 14 years ago that I last had my teeth cleaned. There was little Calculus, as Dr James called it, above the Gum Line, thanks to the Vita- myr Tooth Paste.

The thing that most surprised him was that below the Gum Line there was Calculus but, I believe because of the Vita-myr Mouth Wash the pockets were just 3mm everywhere he checked. Dr. James said that this is truly not the norm.

So after the Exam, in which he answered all my many questions, we set up the appointment for the cleaning.

Tuesday the cleaning took place. Kim did a great job. Even though she was scraping below the gum line it felt as though she was scraping above the Gum Line. I stopped her to ask where she was scraping, and she said below the Gum Line. I then asked her. Why does it not hurt? She said it was because of the great condition my gums were in. Kim knew that I had been using Robert's Mouth Wash. She then said it must be the mouth wash that is making the difference. She said even with the small amount of Calculus that you have your gums should be red, swollen, and bleeding with this cleaning, but they are not. Then Kim laughed and said, "See it truly was not the Hygienist that was making you hurt all this time. It was your gums not being healthy." Kim also said the Calculus was softer than usual.

In summary the Four Seasons Dental Spa is all you said it is. Dr James is going to be my Dentist. Not only because of the place itself but, I believe along with you, that he is truly the most caring and capable Dentist I have met. It is great to find someone to trust in.

Thanks for your Radio Show, and for having the Open House. For having Robert there, it gave me the incentive to attend the open house.

Keep Up the Good Work. Being new to Las Vegas it is nice to have your expertise finding good health care professionals for us to go to."
Louis Spahn
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Nance Coggeshall "I am writing to recommend the services of Four Seasons Dental Spa. I became a patient in early 2012 after moving from Missouri where I was in the care of a biological dental clinic. I found Dr. James Wright online, as an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), the only dentist in the Las Vegas area with this training and certification. Since the proper removal of mercury amalgam fillings was my top priority, Dr. Wright became my first choice!

I was impressed with the way that my first consultation was conducted: I was introduced to a team of caring, well-trained professionals who are committed to excellence in all phases of the dental procedures. When informed of the procedures that were needed for restoration, office manager Mrs. Debby Wright brought awareness, compassion and patience to communicate my dental plan. She has also made it possible for me to proceed immediately with my priority for amalgam removal after crafting a personalized financial plan. Thank you! To begin my appointments at Four Seasons Dental Spa, I am greeted by Mary, Crystal or the others at the front desk. This team knows there is no technological replacement for personal recognition, relational warmth, ongoing care, with which they are always 'spot on'!

My first tooth extraction (actually, my choice was for all 4 wisdom teeth in one visit!) was unquestionably a positive experience. The oral surgeon and able assistant nicknamed "Q", of whom I was gratefully only dimly aware for the procedure, were both caring and efficient. The procedure was such a success, after which I had no swelling or other complications, after following their instructions.

Vanessa, Brianna, and the other assistants always place the comfort and informed assurance that I needed first. While being professional and efficient in their level of expertise, they help to create a relaxed, smooth running multi-chair dental spa.

Dr. Jim Wright is truly a master dentist. From the first visit, I was always assured that I was receiving the best care utilizing technologically advanced equipment. Honor is due to his rare mix of genius, and professional focus that create in me a high level of trust that every dental procedure will be perfect. Added to all this is Dr. Wright's brilliant chair-side manner that is both relaxing and richly entertaining! As a team, Dr. Jim and Debby have exquisite attention to detail that creates an atmosphere of beauty, hospitality, and professionalism that, for me, make this a 'dental spa' experience!

Thanks again to Dr. Jim and Debby Wright, and all the Four Seasons Dental Spa team: you are the best!"
Nancy (Nance) Coggeshall
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Baron Brooks "The relaxed environment and the professional staff at Four Seasons Dental Spa make for a very unique visit to the dentist. I personally hate going to the dentist and have been this way since I was a child. However, Dr.Wright and his wife Debby and the entire staff make it a very enjoyable experience. It does not feel like a dental practice even though they offer the very finest dental services. This is because the dental practice interacts with the luxury, comfort and beautiful surroundings of a spa. If anyone out there is afraid of the dentist or just needs a very caring and skilled dentist, or for that matter, a top notch facial or manicure, this is the place! In my opinion it is the best dental practice in the western part of the United States. I used to sell to dentists and physicians all over the west coast and I can say this with an informed opinion."
Baron Brooks
Beverly Hills, California
Salt Lake City, Utah
Testimonials Las Vegas - Doug Whitehead "Dear Dr. Jim and Ms Debby,

Thank you very much for again extending an absolutely wonderful experience at the "spa" and then the extraordinary time at your residence, the food, drink and company were superb. You guys are the best and I'm at a loss of words to express the appreciation and love I have for you both. Doc, I was investigating a way in which to cut down on your static electricity in the office and discovered if you take a "dryer sheet," i.e., "Bounce" or one of those things and fold it and put it in your pocket during the day, it will absorb any static that may build up in the different procedural equipment throughout the office and should eliminate you or God forbid one of your patients from receiving a surprise. Hope you had a great weekend and thank you again for all you do for us.
Doug Whitehead
Love Your Pet Bakery
Park City, Utah
Testimonials Las Vegas - Linda Rochelle Dodge "Discovery. I never thought I could find another dentist when I moved to Las Vegas ... you never think there is something greater than what you already know ... so when I was recommended to Dr. James Wright and dared to go a new way ... to my surprise it turned out wonderful when he discovered the undercover decay as my tooth was saved on that incredible day.

Four Seasons Dental Spa is a high-tech, creative and beautiful environment with that scent of clean and feeling of serene. Thank you Ali for your recommendation which turned out to be a kind of dental emancipation.

My visits are not only positive ... also enjoyable and the entire staff and I interact in a fun way that makes my visit more like a family visit than a dental visit and Dr. Wright has incredible chairside manner as well as knows his dental expertise like a master-teeth-electrician! With appreciation ... if I want I can even have a cappuccino coffee near the waiting room or watch the beautiful fish tank and gain some extra serenity!"
Linda Rochelle Dodge
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Charles Barry "One of the absolute best dental experiences ever! Great facility, warm and courteous staff, and Joshua and Dr. Kulic were phenomenal. My teeth feel great and Dr. Kulic, the consummate professional, so detailed and knowledgeable left me totally confident that I will allow Four Seasons Dental Spa to do all of the recommended work! Debbie was great in mapping out the financials and collectively all came up with a phased program that not only do I embrace, but look forward to getting started. I'll assure you looking forward to dental appointments are not something I've never joyfully anticipated! Thanks for a wonderful experience and I've already told friends and associates how great you guys truly are!"
Charles Barry
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Cozy Stone "From the first day I walked into the Four Seasons Dental Spa office, I felt confident that my teeth were in good hands. The level of competency from Dr. Wright all the way through the office staff is unsurpassed by any dental office I have ever visited. I constantly recommend Dr. Wright and the Four Seasons Dental Spa staff to everyone within a 2 inch reach! Thank you Dr. Wright and the Four Seasons Dental Spa staff for providing me with the smile for a lifetime!

I came into this office without suspecting or expecting the class, sophistication, but more importantly, the professionalism of the entire staff.

From the hygienist to the periodontist, to my favorite dentist ever, Dr. Angel!!! (Dr. Wright). Here I am a few years later with one of the healthiest mouths I've had in a long time. How many patients (of dentists’ offices) can claim the office manager, Debby, and her dentist as a great friend? The Wrights are very special people.

All of us have benefited, in some wonderful way, for the Wrights bringing their goodness into our lives. May God continue to bless and keep them."
Cozy Stone
Competitive Athlete, Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker
President, The Cozy Bra Company
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Valarie Kamdar "Dr. Wright is the best dentist ever. I have traveled the world over, and have never seen a dental office as relaxing and luxurious, nor a staff as warm and attentive. I felt completely comfortable as if I were home, from the first greeting and offer of a beverage, to my final exit. What a different experience…every little detail was a pleasant surprise."
Valarie Kamdar
Owner, Love Your Pet Bakery
Park City, Utah
Testimonials Las Vegas - Joan Freeman "Dr. Wright is truly a superb artist and skilled dentist who gave me the beautiful smile I never had. Now I smile with confidence as never before. My friends, family and business associates ask if I had a complete makeover. I tell them just my teeth. Even more exciting than my new smile, is that they tell me I look 15 years younger! Now that is PRICELESS."
Joan Freeman
Founder, Joanie's SMILES Gourmet Chocolate Bars
Malibu, California
" Four Seasons Dental Spa is undoubtedly one of the best dental offices you'll ever find. And when it comes to high quality dentistry, Dr. Wright is at the top of the class - a real "natural" who is extremely good at what he does. His technical precision and perfection means that your dental work will be graded "A+" every time. Frankly, that's the only grade he knows.

Indeed, Dr. Wright has achieved many accolades over the years for his expertise in advanced cosmetic dentistry and other difficult dental procedures. When I think of him it reminds me of that Allstate Insurance commercial which ends with 'You are in good hands....'

Trust me, with dental work, you really want to be in good hands, and they don't get any better than Dr. Wright's. In a nutshell, if you are looking for the highest level of professional competence and your smile is not becoming to you, you should be coming to Dr. Wright! Four Seasons Dental Spa certainly deserves a 5 star rating."
John Kasper
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Dennis Gorman "Dr Wright, I wanted to thank you for your time and professional care today, and even more so, to thank you for taking a stand against Mercury Amalgam; it is because of people like you that it seems mercury amalgam may soon be banned in this country.

Reading the web site of Dr. Tom McGuire (this is the web site that I used to locate YOU from his mercury free listing) I see the FDA has reversed itself on their view of using Mercury!!

What a victory!! and I will again thank you for being on the leading edge of health care, I am sure you fought a long battle, as when you went to school mercury was still widely accepted, and YOU went against the mainstream opinion, in fact I bet many professors in school said mercury was NO problem, In fact I am willing to bet You had to put your own research time into this issue!

As people slowly wake up to this new reality I think and hope this early standing will give you a very successful business, you deserve it, for all the hard work!"
Dennis Gorman
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Christine Norrbom "A relaxing dental visit? That's an oxymoron! Yet Dr. Wright and his team have created an exceptional experience for excellent dental care. I received the most complete dental exam of my life--and trust me at 60 years of age I've had more than a few dental challenges. The entire staff is knowledgeable, friendly and caring. The experience starts with booking the appointment. The professional manner of the "reminders" for my appointment and the communication about why this appointment would take the 3 hours required were delivered in a timely and informative style. Then arriving at the appointment to be greeted and shown around the office so I didn't have to ask where the ladies room is located to the photo for their files so that I would be a recognized person instead of some number on a chart! Then of course the dental exam; the x-rays; the results of the exam and Dr. Wright's direct assessment of what my teeth/gums/mouth would require for continued health. I say direct because his manner is one of partnership. No guilt about my not flossing every day! Just the results and the actions now required. No drama, just the choices for various action points and the opportunity for me to read a review and make my own choices and schedule my future appointments. No pressure, just great knowledge to give me in making my choices. It didn't hurt that I was totally relaxed, listening to nice music and my hands treated to a much needed paraffin treatment while the exam was conducted. As a personal Concierge and Life-stylist, trust me, my Clients will know about Dr. Wright, his awesome staff and the unique experience of a relaxing dental exam! And fellows, don't let the "spa" part fool you! You deserve a relaxing dental experience too!"
Christine Norrbom
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Serina Choi "My experiences with Dr. Wright, his wife Debby and the entire Team at Four Seasons Dental Spa has been nothing but the best! From the minute I walk in to the office to the moment I walk out, I have always felt that I was their number one patient every time.

My experience has always been a very calming, soothing and most importantly professional one that has helped me to overcome my fear of a dentist.

I highly recommend Four Seasons Dental Spa to anyone who is looking for a Dentist and the entire Team who truly cares about you, listens to your needs and always gives you the best HONEST treatment. It is the WRIGHT place to be!!

Thank you to Dr. Wright, the Amazing Debby and the entire Team at Four Seasons Dental Spa. I have never looked better."
Serina Choi
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - JudyLynn Jones "Dear Doc, Debbie and Staff,

Thank you so much for your tender, loving care. I am totally grateful that I followed the referral from Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce.

I appreciate how thoughtful and gentle all of you are. Thanks for calming my fears and helping me stay healthy."
JudyLynn Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - D. Kimble-Burke "I have been going to Four Seasons Dental Spa since May 2007. I have had extensive dental work done by the renowned Dr. James Wright (affectionately know as Dr. Angel), and his extraordinary staff. The name alone: ' Four Seasons Dental Spa' explains the kind of treatment you will receive from your very 1st visit.

When was the last time you heard someone say they were excited to go to the dentist? ASK ME!!!

The spa like experience, coupled with the most delightful staff I have ever encountered, takes you from fear to a relaxing spa like day. If you have a fear of dentists, come to the Four Seasons Dental Spa and see for yourself how thorough an exam is given with advance techniques and materials, coupled with gentle and genuine care.

With all the work I have had done (periodontal maintenance, implant, veneers, zoom whitening, extractions, etc) I can honestly say, If any of these procedures where suppose to be painful, I never experience the pain.

I am soooo happy with my dental care; I am saving to have another implant. I CANNOT WAIT.

If you have neglected your dental hygiene because of a fear of the dentist, please believe me when I say, Give Four Seasons Dental Spa a chance to elevate your fears, and SMILE, SMILE,SMILE like I do. ALL THE TIME."
D. Kimble-Burke
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Steve Davis "Debby and Jim, Hi you guys... Both of you are very beautiful people, love you guys and I smile soo wonderfully because of you still."
Steve Davis
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - L. R. Dougan "Professional with a Capital 'P'. Dr. Wright and his lovely wife, Debby -- as well as their staff -- are consummate professionals. Every business in Las Vegas should aspire to their lofty level!"
L. R. Dougan
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Lois Dahl "I just want to thank you all for being so patient, kind and reassuring. Not only is it a pleasure coming to your beautiful office, but it is a pleasure coming to see you, Dr. Wright, and all of your beautiful staff.

As you know, I have wanted a beautiful smile my entire life, and am currently using Invisalign. Every time I have called or come in with questions or concerns, you have addressed them with knowledge and compassion. I have never been hurried or rushed. Even my husband accompanies me to my office visits. He, too, is so grateful for how Dr. Wright and his staff patiently explain to both of us every phase of the treatment plan.

God bless you all for helping me make this dream come true and for all the wonderful work that you do. Your patient for life."
Lois Dahl
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Jurgen Ihle "...the best of any dental practice I've experienced."
Jurgen Ihle
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Henrietta Salas "Dr. Wright is the most compassionate dentist I have ever met, and his wife equally has the same compassion, they are quite a team. The whole staff is absolutely wonderful from the front to the back, so friendly that Josh even invited me to come in the office and chat with the staff even if I didn't have an appointment.

Dr. Wright changed how I feel about myself. I disliked my smile and mouth for many years until I came to Dr. Wright. He changed that. His staff is wonderful and helpful. I can't stop smiling now. Dr. Wright doesn't give up until he gets it just right. He took 10 years off my face. From the time I called Debby on the phone until my last visit, I was treated like family. Thank you Dr. Wright and Debby."
Henrietta Salas
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Phlorene Pheigh "Thank you so much! With just the initial cleaning, I felt like a new woman! Your kindness and generosity, and that of the other team members you have lined up, is appreciated much more than you might realize!"
Phlorene Pheigh
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Denny Miller "...until you get a tour of the office, I don't think anyone can imagine how special it is. The decor and the attitude of the staff are beyond words. Your employees are the 'Nordstrom of Dentistry!'

...your TLC won me over...your hygienist did a very thorough job and was most pleasant...I have never been so positive and comfortable after going to the dentist...I have no pain or discomfort...It was very nice of you to call to see how I was doing..."
Denny Miller
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Nick Nichols "I don't normally write letters like this but I was so impressed with the experience I had at your office that I felt compelled to tell you.

Your treatment was simply outstanding! I have never been to a dental office like yours. Not only is your office a showplace, your staff treated me like royalty.

What impressed me the most was the way Dr. Wright took care of me. You told me what I needed and explained why I needed it. During the procedures you made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. . I would recommend The Four Seasons Dental Spa to everyone!"
Nick Nichols
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Paul Ziter "Thanks for going way beyond the call of duty. Being new to Las Vegas, it's so nice to have a new dentist that is obviously extremely qualified and makes me feel so comfortable.

Again, thanks for your professionalism and compassion. I will refer all my friends."
Paul Ziter
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Thank you very much to Four Seasons Dental Spa. My time here was most enjoyable, friendly staff and very professional. I'm looking forward to my next visit."
Kagan Cott
Ashbury, Australia
"Dr. Wright, his family and staff are some of the most kind, talented, caring and truly beautiful people I have ever had the opportunity to receive care from. As close to perfection both personally and professionally as anyone could hope for. Thank you for many years of excellent and honest service! Here's to many more...."
Melissa Michaels-Fiske
Henderson, Nevada
"Dear Debbie, Dr. Wright and all the fabulous staff,

Thank you so much for giving me such an enjoyable experience while I was in Las Vegas. I guess it's weird that I had a good time at the dentist office, but I have to say that I did. Everything you all did made me comfortable and relaxed (nice distraction techniques!). I appreciate your generosity and am very, very happy with the results. I will spread the word about your dental spa. Thanks as well for giving my Mom the gift voucher. I know she will enjoy using it. Take care."
Danielle Harrison
Dublin, Ireland
"I called for an emergency and appreciate that Dr. Wright saw me on his day off. Thank you for the TLC and for the professional first class treatment. Also appreciated the deep cleaning per tooth needed as opposed to quadrants. Blessings & Gratitude."
Ali Guggenheim
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Pedicure and manicure were fantastic, especially comfortable and relaxing...and while my hands and feet looked good, they felt good -- actually better. The use of sterile equipment is wonderful, as I will have surgery in a few days and did not have to worry about any infections that might compromise my system. A wonderful experience in a relaxing atmosphere with a wonderful professional nail technician."
AJoseph O'Brien
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Larry and I found our dental and spa experience to be out-of-the-ordinarily outstanding. Supreme satisfaction and comfort--nothing was spared. Friendly and professional greeting by staff. Dr. Wright's attention to every detail was both desired and appreciated. We would both trust our smiles with him. Thank you so much."
Larry and Linda Whitton
Rancho Cucamonga, California
"Thrilled beyond words that Dr. Wright and Staff have come into my life. I have all the confidence in the world in them and the comfort, work and concern I feel from them is a real blessing."
Karen Baker
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Thank you to Kitzie, Debby, Dr. Wright and Josh for making our visit to the dentist enjoyable. We were treated expediently with great care and obvious expertise. Keep up the great work!"
Zulene Simmons and Don McLauchlin
Chuziak, Alaska
"...your concept is so unique and enjoyable and your customer service out ranks the was a pleasure..."
Juliana Nelessen
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Thank you for the marvelous treatment I received at The Four Seasons Dental Spa. Oh, it was so pleasant to relax, get my teeth taken care of...a totally comfortable experience. The Dental Spa is magnificent in itself. Telling my friends about you, they say, 'Where was Dr. Wright 15 to 20 years ago?'"
Joyce McAuliffe
Chicago, Illinois
" are special people with so much going for you...a future that is in the best of have what it takes..."
Alana Hall
Palm Springs, California
"I appreciate your care and attention to my specific needs and the timely manner in which you and your staff were able to help me! You guys are the best!"
Mary Tebbs
Salt Lake City, Utah
Testimonials Las Vegas - Basil Dibsie "Excellent visit. The staff was very courteous, helpful and energetic from the front line. Dr. Wright is VERY informative and patient. Sven was really knowledgeable and professional. I have referred a couple of people already"
Basil Dibsie
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Kate Minshall "Debby, Thank you soooooooooooo much for getting me in to see Dr. Wright last night. I was overwhelmed by both of your welcoming kindness. For the first time in years, I'm actually looking forward to going to the dentist. Dr. Wright is definitely the "right" dentist.'"
Kate Minshall
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Steve Arment "Everything was wonderful. Best dental office I have ever been to. A definite blessing for me!"
Steve Arment
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Mike Stasie "Following my last visit to your office, I was moved to write a thank you for your overwhelming care concerning my oral health.

During the last four years you and your staff have treated me, an admittedly nervous and apprehensive patient, with so much compassion and respect, that I now feel comfortable, and even look forward to my next visit.

Your efforts to insure my dental health, even at times when I wasn't working and unable to pay for services rendered, go way beyond the duty or responsibility of complete dental care.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for all you have done for me. You are living proof that miracles do happen, and that angels really do look over us.

In this day and age, where business transactions are anonymous and indifferent at best, it is amazing to see and experience the commitment you embrace. I think everyone should be told about the halos that glow above you."
Mike Stasie
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Teddy Speraw "Dear Dr. Wright and Debby,

It was quite a process getting to my "great smile", but we made it! I am very happy with the outcome...especially as I look at pictures of my old teeth and bite. Thanks so much for your detailed attention!

I now will enjoy smiling without covering my mouth! Much affection to both of you.

Also, I like to thank Sven for his gentle touch and delivery of detailed information. It kept me going. Many thanks."
Teddy Speraw
Riverside, California
Testimonials Las Vegas - Louisa D. Ketron "Dear Dr. Wright and Debby,

I think the conception of all the luxuries you've combined with top dental care is ingenious. This has been the best dental office/spa that I have ever been to.

I've been completely satisfied with all work including more complicated procedures like crowns and implants.

Excellent service - I would recommend this dental spa to anyone seeking comfort, great service, and excellent work."
Louisa D. Ketron
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Susie Blay " Four Seasons Dental Spa is a great experience for me, especially Debby, if it were not for her kindness and caring I would not have been here, and I appreciate Debby very much for that. I'm very happy now to be one of their patients, thanks to Debby."
Susie Blay
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dr. Wright and Debby, thank you so much for all the care and concern you showed for my health, before the great work you did on my smile. There is no other dentist I have ever known who would have stayed until 8:00 pm to work on my smile. The office is so calm and the staff is wonderful. You are a great dentist and you both are wonderful people. Thank you again."
Michaela Van Dyke
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Everyone was professional, kind and very friendly. This was the most thorough exam I have ever received! Sven, Kitzie, Nella and Dr. Wright were wonderful!"
Nancy Zorzi
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Annette Rousseau-Henley "Last week my teeth were cleaned by Dr. Wright. I actually enjoyed my teeth being cleaned and it felt very good and soothing on my gums!"
Annette Rousseau-Henley
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Outstanding! You've taken the dentist office experience to a new level."
Daniel Belanger
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Henderson, Nevada
"Wow, almost forgot I was at the dentist! Comfortable, beautiful, really nice stuff. I'm usually apprehensive at dental appointments (or anxious); however, I was so at ease and it was great!"
Leslee Eitel
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Diane Barrett "I thank the universe for Dr. Jim and Debby and the entire staff at Four Seasons Dental Spa. My experiences here have changed my life in the most wonderful ways. My teeth are healthy and beautiful, my nails are cared for (thanks to Bobbi!) and I'm forever grateful...."
Diane Barrett
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Julia Eisenstein "Josh is always great! Everyone is lovely and I enjoy coming to the dentist. Thank you all!"
Julia Eisenstein
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - David Prevo "Very good environment, very professional and knowledgeable staff."
David Prevo
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Jeri Taylor-Swade "I love this place for all the reasons everyone else has mentioned! I used to hate the dentist. Now I don't. Yeah!"
Jeri Taylor-Swade
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Karen Baker "I no longer look for the sign "We cater to cowards." When I found Debbie and Doc my fears went away. I never wanted to smile for pictures as I had the ole silver in my mouth, now I love to share my smile and feel so comfortable. Debbie and Doc are so very precious and the love they project and true concern is what I needed. God has brought special people in my life over the years but when he brought us together he really out did himself. Love you two so much. And the great staff too!

Approximately three weeks ago I had a bone graft to correct some bone deterioration. Fear of the unknown stepped in and I was apprehensive. Following Doctor orders, I went into surgery with total confidence. I had absolutely no pain or discomfort during the entire procedure. During my follow up, I received an excellent report. Life is good again and a smile is worth a million!"
Karen Baker
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Stacy Button "Hi Debbie,
I'd like to thank you and Dr. Wright for the exam and x-rays today. As you know, I'm a denta-phobic - well, was. I think Dr. Wright has changed that. Sven was wonderful in setting me at ease and taking me through what's normally for me, a nerve-wracking experience. Dr. Wright was so very kind and reassuring. His exam was extremely thorough, gentle and educational. I like him a lot. I've scheduled Sept. 8 to return for the cleaning and deep cleaning. It's a huge relief to know there's hope for my teeth after all. I can't tell you enough how impressed I am with Dr. Wright, your staff and the incredibly relaxing environment that you have created at Four Seasons Dental Spa. And it was such a pleasure to finally meet you. I look forward to talking with you again very soon."
Stacy Button
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Tami J. Miller "I have been going to Four Seasons Dental Spa since February 2006. When I walked in I was welcomed by Debby Wright as an old friend instead of "just" a patient. At first the tasteful comfort and elegance in the mercury free holistic environment wooed me in. The hand paraffin wax while my teeth were worked on was delicious; the lavender neck warmer calmed my anxiety for the drill. But what has kept me is not his degrees and education, not just his wit and humor, but Dr. Wrights artistry and perfection for what he does.

I have a custom crown in my mouth Dr. James Wright had molded and fit for me. Not once, not twice, but three times he fit me for the same crown...three times he sent back to the dental lab a crown that did not fit "just right". He did not settle, and make it work...because surely I would not have known the difference. He took the time and expense it took to not do an ok job, but to perform the level of artistry and perfection of a master.

I am not an affluent nor cash patient, someone he had to give "preferential treatment to", I am "just" a regular patient. Debby and Dr. Wright have created a dental practice that is far beyond the norm and is a little haven away, a moment where time stops and bliss fills your senses. Yes, I am not just speaking about a dental office...but about a Dental Spa, the Four Seasons Dental Spa."
Tami J. Miller
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Mara Fanok "Thank you for a wonderful experience at a dental office. You know by all the work in my mouth that I am somewhat of an expert on the subject. You all made my visit quite delightful. Looking forward to seeing you all again in November and using that great ladies room. Loved the burrito-Sooooo delicious."
Mara Fanok
Pahrump, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Mark Anthony Flores "I owe you and your whole team an apology! A few weeks ago I came in for an estimate on 2 broken crowns that needed replacement and after getting a great tour of your state of the art facility - I actually went somewhere else to "try" and save some money. I signed up for the discount internet insurance ($163/year) and clipped some coupons from the Summerlin Westside newspaper and went to a nice little, new looking office near Charleston. I found their standard bland dental office with old-fashioned technology and the shrill drill sound dominating every room and hallway including the waiting room. After a nice enough dentist checked my 2 teeth, he turned me over to the money person. I felt like I was in the manager's office at a car dealer. There was no high pressure, just some creative financing. By the time she was done - the insurance prices were meaningless, the coupons no longer applied and I'd have ended up paying MORE than at Four Seasons Dental Spa. Well, I cancelled the insurance and ran over to your office.

Now the good part: Since I had huge dental office anxiety and had received some painful treatments in the past, I wanted to go to a place that would do everything to make me comfortable. Some of my favorite Four Seasons Dental Spa features: Massage chairs, an $8K plasma screen, and a huge, peaceful fish tank in the lobby. Then, water massage and oxygen treatments come next. Then, antiseptically clean facilities, great dental chairs with extra back and neck supports, state of the art dental technology and most importantly, very friendly and knowledgeable people to run it all. By the way, Dr. Wright postponed part of his 3 day weekend to stay late and shape the crowns perfectly AND the Doctor gave me Nitrous and all the extra Novocain I needed at no extra charge. I have something to add to that famous Mastercard commercial:

'No longer afraid to go to the dentist? PRICELESS!!'

P.S. As you know, if I miss a water massage or oxygen treatment, you let me make it up - on my day off! If all this wasn't enough - while my crown adhesives were drying, Doctor Wright says, 'Let's catch the update on the Olympics,' and punches up the adjustable flat screen TV while I am still in the dental chair. Are you kidding me?

Your patient for life."
Mark Anthony Flores
(Former Dental "Chicken")
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Kristen Avery "The first time I had to come in I was so nervous! I hadn't been to see a dentist in about 6 years! Dr. Wright examined me. I was still nervous but I know he was straight forward with me about what needed to be done. I've been happy with these guys. I then went to another dentist to get my wisdom teeth pulled (cheaper, but not smarter). The experience wasn't so good. I ended up having to come here for an emergency on that hole after that. The other dentist had left stitches in that needed to be removed right away. Dr. Wright fixed me up in a jiffy. In fact, by that night the hole felt so much better. I didn't even feel like I had a problem at all. I only have great things to say about the staff and the service here at Four Seasons Dental Spa. And I hope everyone that walks in feels the same way."
Kristen Avery
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Angela Shaw "First thing I did when I got home (after hugging my puppy) was post this on my facebook. Thank u dr wright for taking care of me.

'I was at the dentist for 4 hrs after work today. I am a wuss but I didn't cry. Even when I wanted to out of frustration and being tired. Thank God for my dentist's patience and professionalism. Whew. Good Night all!'

See u soon. Have a safe and blessed holiday."
Angela Shaw
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Ted Lloyd "I was absolutely amazed at my visit to your dental office. I have never been in a dental office such as yours and would recommend everyone to experience my thrill. Fantastic, and thank you."
Ted Lloyd
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Bette Alexander "Hi Doctor Wright and Debby,

Both of you are wonderful people and so are your staff, Kim, Josh, Brea and Kitsy, whom I feel are also my friends. I had been so ill for six years and had spent around fifteen thousand dollars with doctors and tests, but none of them could find out what was wrong with me and I truly was near death and spent most of my day in bed. I had almost decided that I would not be alive for much longer, but happened to meet Jack Miller, a Homeopathic Biological assistant to the renowned physician William Lee Cowden, MD in Chandler, Arizona. I met him in our natural health food store here in Kingman. Jack did testing on me and found out I was mercury toxic from my fillings. I was told by him that I needed to have all my mercury fillings removed right now by a dentist who was a professional in removing them in a safe way or else it would make me even more poisoned and more sick than I already was. I began to search online and read the qualifications of dentists that were qualified to remove my fillings in a safe manner and Dr. Wright looked like the one for me. I called several times and talked with Debby Wright concerning the doctor’s schooling, qualifications and high tech equipment that he uses to remove the mercury. I made an appointment to go to Las Vegas which is a two hour drive one way for me and it was worth the drive. I believe two fillings were removed at that time after a complete consult and plan was talked about. I was happy to see that he took all precautions to make sure I and his staff used safe techniques to dispose of the toxic fillings and protect them and me. I returned home and each day I realized I was feeling a little better. I had more fillings out on the second appointment and now I feel like a brand new person! I have only two more fillings to go. The Dental Spa is the most pleasant office I have ever been to. They give you a TV, Blanket, Back Pillow and Oxygen Water while you are there, so the time goes by quickly and believe it or not pleasantly. Thank You all for helping me get well. Bless you and your wonderful staff. Sincerely,"
Bette Alexander
Kingman, Arizona
Testimonials Las Vegas - Shayna Young "Dear Jim & Debby, thank you so much for your generosity. I truly appreciate you. Please let me know if I can send your puppies some supplements free of charge to help repay the two of you for all you have done for me. I look forward to seeing all of you again soon. Again, thank you so much. Sincerely,"
Shayna Young
Buhl, Idaho
"I was extremely nervous before my appointment. I left laughing! Professional & gentle. Highly recommend and will tell everyone about them!"
Brenda Grow
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Judy Quenzer "I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity in gifting me a facial at your Dental Spa. You and your staff are at the top of your profession and exceed any expectations I could ever have in a dental office or spa. When I am in your office, I feel like I am among friends who truly care about me. It is easy to see why you are a leader in the dental industry and spa treatments.

Thank you for making me feel very special. I am telling everyone I know about Four Seasons Dental Spa. If they do not go to your office, they are missing the greatest dental experience of their life."
Judy Quenzer
Henderson, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Julie Tackett "Hello Debby,

Hope all is well and that business is good. Doing my best to raise the girls and new little guy. Just wanted to say hello and let you know what I think about how wonderful you and your hubby were to me and Forrest. I thank you with all my heart. Wanted you to know I think about your KINDNESS from time to time.

LOVE Yah,"
Julie Tackett
Las Vegas, Nevada
"After a devastating sandrail accident where our 18-year-old son broke his upper jaw & suffered trauma to his front 5 teeth, we were blessed to find Dr. Wright at Four Seasons Dental Spa. Not only did the Lumineers placed on those teeth turn out wonderful & preserved his tooth structure, but the additional dental work that he needed was completed with the highest quality components and best of all, no mercury. Debby even enrolled their practice with our insurance company before treatment commenced & was extremely helpful with information, explanations, & support. We highly recommend their services & found their office to be very professional as well as having that personal caring touch. Thank you so much, Dr. Wright & Debby."
Monica Abbott
Phoenix, Arizona
"Today was such a spectacular day for me, with the delightful experience from everyone in your office. You indeed make a huge impact on the clientele that come through the doors, for your gorgeous energy is the first that most encounter. You light up the room with your genuine kindness and integrity. And your smile is radiant. I simply adore you, cannot wait to talk about you and your office wherever I go. Truly thank you for the coupon of $50.00 off. That means very much to me. As well as giving me a gift of my choice, and the facial was perfect for me - or will be. Never expected to have such wondrous things presented to me today. And for this, I am forever grateful. Today, was a full day of appointments, and I am still trying to digest my amazing experience with you and the office. I am putting time aside tonight when I return after 8 PM tonight to read the information in the book. My facebook account will be full of knowledgeable information about Four Seasons Dental Spa and the book. Give me a day or two to see where I am at regarding scheduling the facial and my dental cleaning exam. Very excited to get everything going. It was such a pleasure getting to know most everyone in the office today - and the energy of goodness has lasted me all day."
Rose Zatkovich
Henderson, Nevada
"It was a pleasure. You all are a great team. All the best."
Magda Major
Sharon Koenig
Las Vegas, Nevada
The following email was sent to a health radio talk show host, Jeffrey Burke, at Stay Healthy! Media.

"Hi Jeff, I enjoy listening to your radio show when I get a chance. I want to thank you for recommending Dr. Wright's 's Four Seasons Dental Spa. After 4 years of searching for a dentist that could find out what my dental problem was, I went to Dr. Wright on your recommendation. Yesterday I started treatment and I am very pleased. Thanks again. I have also heard you speak in the past of having bad allergies and you no longer suffer from it. Can you tell me when you are in the health store so I can have you recommend products to help with my allergies. I would love to be allergy free. Thanks again for your help and great radio show."
Daryl Eason
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dr. Wright and Debby, It is with a little hesitation and great sadness that I officially submit my resignation as a dental assistant at the Four Seasons Dental Spa effective August 12, 2010. As you know I will be heading to dental school to further my education. I find it extremely difficult to express in writing the feelings that I have for both of you, this great dental office, and the other staff members. I feel that I will be leaving a large piece of me behind when I go. This is largely because somewhere in the past three years each of you has become a part of me. Through the many hours, days, weeks, and months that we have worked together, sharing many trials, triumphs, laughter, and…OK, just root beers together, you have left an indelible impression upon me. Thank you both for all of the opportunities for life coaching, training, education, association, and personal growth that you have provided me. I have learned much about dedication; respect, enthusiasm, responsibility, professionalism, and personal commitment. Both of you have a genuine love and an inner passion and use your collective wisdom and skills to make a meaningful difference in the dental community, through your attentive and meticulous care as an extraordinary dental team. Beyond this you are each wonderful individuals that I respect greatly. I will truly miss the daily opportunity to listen, learn, and build my own character. My hope is to take all that I have learned in this office, and mirror it to reflect my own desires for excellence, in a future office of my own. Thank you again for your kindness, and friendships with me and my family. Respectfully,"
Sven Peery
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Marianella Ospina Guadamud "Dear Debby and Dr Wright,

It is with great sorrow that I am hereby tendering my resignation to you.

I am announcing my resignation from Four Seasons Dental Spa, effective date: 08/27/2010, which should allow me plenty of time to finish ongoing projects and to turn over the position to my replacement. Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions regarding my past work or need my assistance with any full mouth or complicated case. I hope that the transition will go smoothly for everyone.

This was an extremely difficult decision to make. The past 3 years have been very rewarding. I have enjoyed working for you and with everyone in the Office. Thank you for the opportunities and knowledge you shared with me throughout my employment. My experience with Four Seasons Dental Spa has been very rewarding. I appreciate having had the opportunity to work for such a fine company and an excellent Dr. I love you both very much and want nothing but wonderful things for the two of you.

I wish you and the future of Four Seasons Dental Spa continued success and all the best."
Marianella Ospina Guadamud
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Deborah Carter "What a blast! I had such a nice time yesterday at the dental spa. My nails are gorgeous. I do so love Bushka. I had a great time with Dr. Wright and Sven. I actually came away feeling like I had a spa experience. I did not think that was possible at the dentist. Thank you for the push to go and the bounty of services provided."
Deborah Carter
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Geni Vineyard "Jim & Debby Wright, I would like to extend my gratitude to you for your dedication and going above and beyond ensuring that I received a porcelain crown. You're thoughtful and generous people and I truly appreciate you. Thanks for being such a great Dentist and friend!"
Geni Vineyard
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Kim Sakren " Four Seasons Dental Spa is completely AWESOME!!! You are treated like an individual with sincere care from the moment you walk in. You know you are in great caring hands with Dr. Wright and Dr. Howell as well as Josh their dental assistant who is instrumental during all your dental procedures. Having fear and apprehension in my first root canal. I was soooooooooooooo impressed how everything was explained to me and my individual needs were attended to and handled. This is the first time I have taken time out of my day to write a review for anyone, but I was compelled to tell everyone how wonderful Four Seasons Dental Spa is. I whole heartedly recommend Four Seasons Dental Spa to everyone. It will be a wonderful experience while receiving state of the art, truly excellent dental care."
Kim Sakren
Wedding Dance Expert
As seen on NBC's "Race to The Altar"
text/talk 702.242.6400
A Dance Studio dedicated to the Bride & Groom
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Rose Hemsey "Thank you!!!! Miss you guys! P.S: the nightguard you made me is a miracle!!!"
Rose Hemsey
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Thank you for everything you did to give our granddaughter Cassandra a beautiful smile. We are all so happy. Thank you for being so kind to her. She is our sunshine."
Ron and Marianna Kranz
Royalton, Minnesota
Testimonials Las Vegas - William Mize "Thank you for your help over the last several months. I would like to compliment you and your staff for the care and professionalism I have witnessed on my numerous visits to your office."
William Mize
Las Vegas, NV
Testimonials Las Vegas - Jasalyn Kohn "Inviting and intriguing! I felt at home instantly. Enjoyed a latte from the cafe while I completed forms relaxing in one of the massage chairs! The staff is so sincere and attentive. I just loved being there. You've got to ask for a tour. The lobby, the spa, even the restrooms are wrapped with a feeling of tranquility. All the care and detail that went into the decor is a reflection of the way Four Seasons Dental Spa embraces their patients. The dental assistant was so easy to talk with and he was very gentle taking my x-rays. Dr Wright was so approachable. I loved his recommendation and feel going with his holistic approach is what's best for me. Together we've created a plan for my best smile ever! Looking forward to seeing you again."
Jasalyn Kohn
North Las Vegas, Nevada
"I just want to express my deep appreciation for your always being there for me, no matter what the circumstances, and for giving me the king of top-quality dental care, I couldn’t get anywhere else. As I told you personally, I wish I had met you years ago because I would not be having the problems I'm having today. You are truly the best dentist I have ever used and have performed "miracles" for me. Everyone on your staff is wonderful, attentive, and helps to eliminate the fear I feel walking into a dental office."
Bobbie Katz
Henderson, Nevada
"Thanks again to you Dr Wright and your professional staff for assisting me in my time of great need."
Sal Franzella
Houston, Texas
"Thank you for the wonderful facial! It was much needed."
Renee Guglielmetti
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Tom O'Halloran "Thank you! Most comfortable dental visit ever!!"
Tom O'Halloran
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Shelly Phillips " Four Seasons Dental Spa is AWESOME!!!!! Like many people out there, I needed a lot of dental work but didn't have dental insurance. This caused me many sleepless nights trying to figure out how I was going to afford to fix my teeth. Then I visited Four Seasons Dental Spa. Dr. Wright and his wife Debby were so helpful and sat down with me to explore all my options. They recently developed membership plans which offer exceptional benefits; better than any dental plan I have ever seen. Now I can rest easy knowing that I will get all my dentist work done by the BEST DENTIST in town, on a plan that is affordable for me. Dr. Wright does high quality work and actually makes going to the dentist enjoyable. :-) I needed to have an emergency procedure done on a broken tooth and he did it on the spot, quickly and painlessly. I have been to a lot of dentists but Dr. Wright is the very BEST!! The staff is professional and courteous. You feel like one of the family. The office is beautiful and they have state-of-the-art equipment. You can be assured that you will receive top-of-the-line dentistry at Four Seasons Dental Spa. If you are looking for a professional, high-quality dentist, please visit Four Seasons Dental Spa. You will thank me later. :-)"
Shelly Phillips
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Leslie, I had an appointment with you last Friday, May 6th for the Groupon special facial...remember me...the girl with A LOT of allergies and stress! I just wanted to Thank You again for all your help and recommendations to better my health. I am going this weekend to buy the local honey and give that a try. I am hoping to see you again when I visit Las Vegas again. Thanks."
Melissa Venegas
El Monte, California
Testimonials Las Vegas - Richard Armstrong "You are the BEST! Thank you so much for everything."
Richard Armstrong
Las Vegas, Nevada
"As a child I had to be medicated to see the dentist. I was so nervous I would bite the dentist. I've avoided proper dental care most of my adult life because of it."

"I came to Dr. Wright after a root canal build up broke...of course I was too fearful to go back and finish my treatment with the original dentist. Here I am today, excited to be in the care of Dr. Wright and his staff, and he didn't need to medicate me first! I'm excited because each and everyone at Four Seasons Dental Spa makes me feel comfortable and the use of state-of-the-art technology gives me confidence that the procedures and treatments are being done correctly."

"Dr. Wright himself makes me laugh all my nerves away. Debby was above par in helping with my lack of dental insurance. I look forward to having my full exam and planning my dental future at Four Seasons Dental Spa."
Gina Rose Kimball
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Laurie Morris Bass "We spent the entire day here having the wonderful doctors and staff take care of my dental surgeries. It was the most incredible day of gentle loving care. Four Seasons Dental Spa is totally awesome. We love you and look forward to the future visits for our needs."
Laurie Morris Bass
Las Vegas, Nevada
"I want to share my feelings about your company. My experience was very pleasant, first class. You provide excellent care and your interaction for the customer is rated A+. I would like to be cared by you. I will definitely come to you because I know I will only get the BEST. Thank you for your excellent care and follow up."
Remy Caballero
Las Vegas, Nevada
" Four Seasons Dental Spa is our favorite. We love the friendly staff and wonderful care we receive every time we are here. We recommend them to all our friends and family. Visiting the dentist was never an enjoyable experience until we met Dr. Wright and his wonderful staff."
Donny and Deanna Molina
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Lydia Hatting "To the BEST DENTIST in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!@ FOUR SEASONS DENTAL SPA. Thank you for my excellent treatment today!!! Efficient & caring staff, your BEAUTIFUL & AMAZZZZZZZZing wife, I love you -- You Guys Rokkkk!!!!!!!!!!! xx ♥"
Lydia Hatting
Las Vegas, Nevada
Testimonials Las Vegas - Stephanie P. Ernst "It was such a pleasure meeting you and your wonderful wife. We hope you two and your wonderful team are well. We are enjoying our new smiles and attaching our pictures with you in your clinic as well as with our dogs in Australia. Please do let us know when you are planning to visit Australia and we will be in touch as soon as we know when we will be in Las Vegas next. Warm regards."
Stephanie P. Ernst
Adelaide, Australia
"My experience was fantastic. It is refreshing to visit the dentist and have the "actual" dentist clean your teeth instead of staff. It makes me feel as if he is really able to assess my teeth and catch anything the hygienist would miss at other offices. Clean, Fresh, Calm, Peaceful...a wonderful way to spend a few times a year taking care of my teeth! All your staff was great! Dr. Wright's wife was a pleasure to talk with."
Antoinette Yacek
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dear Debby, I have enjoyed tremendously my first and recent visit at your Four Seasons Dental Spa. My husband bid on a gift certificate for me that you have kindly donated last year at the St. Jude Gala. I had a wonderful facial and even bought $400 worth of products which were recommended to me by your staff. Having lived in Henderson before, I have never heard about your spa until the gala last year, and now being familiar with your services...I'm hooked. Many thanks!!"
Noa Peri-Jensch
Las Vegas, Nevada
"This is absolutely the best dentist office I have EVER visited. The atmosphere is SPECTACULAR!!! It is so well thought out and relaxing."
Tammy Sitole
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Jim and Debby, Thank you for the miracle of having all exposed mercury removed, and the deep cleaning and polish done last week. The deed itself will surely set my recovery on a sure path. The kindness and compassion you both showed is as much a restorative element to my recovery. Your reflection of God's faithfulness, provision and love has energized my heart and soul with hope for the future. You likely saved my life!"
Nancy Coggeshall
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Dr. Wright, Thank you so much for taking such great care of Elise and me. We love being a military family, but the hardest part of moving is finding new providers. I can honestly say with 14 moves behind us, we have never had a dentist as excellent as you. You take the time to evaluate each person, and always make sure things are done to perfection, never settling for just ok. I appreciate that you went out of your way to accommodate Elise's tight schedule. Thank you for understanding her anxiety and making her procedures a new low stress experience. I value your desire to pursue holistic practices and staying a cut above the rest. Thank you so much for the excellent care and a wonderful staff."
Pauline and Elise Schaefer
Henderson, Nevada

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