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During the past few decades, we’ve seen a wealth of innovation in cosmetic dentistry, like dental implants. Many dentists and patients view this tooth replacement treatment as the premier option for total restoration. Find out how our dental implants in Las Vegas stands out amongst the rest.

Why Get Zirconia Dental Implants?

Implants are considered superior to conventional tooth replacement, such as removable dentures and even fixed bridges, due to their design. A dental implant is a tiny cylindrical post that is surgically positioned in a healthy jawbone. Thus, the implant itself is more a root replacement than a tooth replacement.

There are several benefits to getting dental implants:

Requires minimal work

When replacing a single tooth, or just a few teeth, an implant eliminates the need to restructure two healthy teeth, as is necessary with a dental bridge.

Keeps the jawbone strong

Once situated in the bone tissue, dental implants provide the necessary stimulation to keep the jawbone strong and intact. Traditional tooth replacements that sit on top of the gums cannot provide this stimulation, and the bone tissue can gradually deteriorate. This resorption leads to an aged, sunken-in appearance.

Integrates easily into your mouth

Bone tissue accepts the implants in a process called osseointegration. This leads to the permanent stabilization of a dental crown, bridge, or denture appliance. The structure mimics that of natural teeth, which are tethered to the jawbone via the roots, and allows patients to enjoy their favorite foods without worry.

More comfort

Dentures stabilized by dental implants are more comfortable and allow you full confidence in interacting with others. Dentures no longer have to rub against gum tissue, or feel unstable when speaking or eating.

Zirconia Is the Ideal Implant Material

Possibly the most important benefit is that zirconia dental implants in Las Vegas are made from the strongest material of any dental implant procedure.

Many periodontists use titanium implants. However, here at Four Seasons Dental Spa, we treat patients with all implants. Zirconia implants have been used extensively in Europe for more than twenty years, and they are now catching on in the States. These ceramic implants are ideal for our holistic dental practice, as they contain no metal, while still supplying the long-lasting function and beauty intended with this treatment.

Compared to titanium metal implants, our zirconia implants also ensure better aesthetic, especially on front teeth. Where titanium may leave darkness at the gum lines, zirconia’s white hue creates the ideal foundation for a natural appearance.

Getting dental implants in Las Vegas

The implant process takes place in our comfortable Las Vegas dental spa, under the care of an experienced periodontist. Our patients receive a comprehensive consultation with our implant dentist in Las Vegas, NV. He will discuss their options and answer any questions regarding treatment. To determine candidacy, we’ll take x-rays and perform a dental examination to assess bone density. Most patients find that they can receive dental implants without complication.

We strategically place dental implants as needed for optimal function, which is dependent on the patient’s individual needs. Your dentist will administer local anesthetic before your procedure to reduce discomfort. Four Seasons Dental Spa also offers sedation dental services for those who prefer to rest comfortably throughout treatment, or who feel quite anxious. We are happy to discuss available options with you before your surgery.

Following the insertion of zirconia implants in our Las Vegas office, the gums may be slightly swollen and sore. The effects of surgery typically last only a few days and are manageable with either over the counter or prescription pain medication. We recommend patients prepare for recovery by stocking up on softer foods such as soup and yogurt. Every person is different, and dense foods can be added to the diet as tolerated.

The fusion between bone tissue and implants takes up to six months, after which patients are fitted with their permanent tooth replacement, which may be a crown, a bridge, or a denture appliance.

Zirconia Functional Medicine at Four Seasons

Dental implant treatment is very flexible, providing each person with the degree of the function he or she needs for smile restoration. Our implant specialist has years of experience providing successful tooth replacement treatment. Achieve the ultimate restoration of Zirconia dental implants. Contact us today for your visit at Four Seasons Dental Spa.

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