Four Seasons Dental Spa provides many methods to brighten your smile with teeth whitening in Las Vegas that’s customized just for you. Teeth whitening has remained one of the most popular smile-enhancing and life-changing treatments since it was first developed.

We believe in keeping up with the latest technological advances in dentistry and offer patients three different ways to achieve their smile goals. With our options, you’ll find the right treatment for your lifestyle, goals, and budget.

The Best Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas, NV

Sapphire in-office teeth whitening

Sapphire in-office whitening is designed for fast results and total comfort. This system solves one of the most common problem of whitening. During and after Sapphire treatment, patients report feeling great with no sensitivity. The breakthrough chairside whitening formula achieves dramatic results in thirty minutes to an hour, and we have had great results with little to no sensitivity, as is common with other treatments.

One of the differences between Sapphire and other teeth whitening treatments is the use of hydrogen peroxide vs. carbamide peroxide. The latter is only about one-third of the strength of hydrogen peroxide. Though effective enough for use in many teeth whitening systems, carbamide peroxide may take longer to achieve dramatic whitening due to this difference.

Zoom! in-office whitening

Zoom! has been a recognized teeth whitening system for many years. At Four Seasons Dental Spa, patients can undergo Zoom! whitening within about an hour. The Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed System uses a hydrogen peroxide gel to quickly, effectively remove tough stains.

Zoom! treatment, like Sapphire, is designed for simplicity. This treatment requires a few extra steps intended to protect the gums, lips, and skin on the face from UV exposure, as the whitening gel is activated by a special light. The process is completed within one office visit, and is both safe and effective at transforming the smile into a brighter, more youthful feature.

Home whitening

Teeth whitening was first developed as a home system customized by dentists for optimal results. Whitening teeth at home, on your own time, may be the right choice for you, and our professional grade whitening solution will help you achieve your smile transformation in just a few weeks.

To begin home whitening treatment, Dr. Wright takes impressions of top and bottom arches and sends molds to a dental lab, where custom fitted trays are fabricated from strong plastic material. In a subsequent visit, we provide you with your whitening trays and supply of whitening solution to be sued each day, on you schedule.

Home whitening is simple and effective. Although there are several commercial options available, whitening solution and customized trays from your dentist remain the healthiest, safest, most effective way to brighten your smile.

Peroxide and Functional Medicine

Peroxide is effective at lifting stains off teeth because, when broken down, it forms tiny oxygen bubbles that travel into the tooth and destroy stain molecules. Our teeth naturally seem to become dull and discolored with age.

The real culprits of stains are foods and beverages we regularly consume. Many products contain dyes or other molecules that settle in tooth enamel. Even natural foods, such as coffee and red wine, tea, or berries, have compounds that will lead to stains over time. With professional teeth whitening like Sapphire, Zoom!, or home whitening kits, stains can be effectively removed so you always put your best smile forward.

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