Dr. Wright and his assistant safely removing mercury fillings from patient.
Dr. Wright and his assistant safely removing mercury fillings from patient.

Your total wellness begins in your mouth. As longtime practitioners of holistic dentistry in Las Vegas, Four Seasons Dental Spa specializes in safe mercury filling removal. Our dentists are certified members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This means we’re trained to employ the latest and most reliable amalgam removal protocols.

SMART and Safe Mercury Removal from Teeth

Mercury has the ability to permeate any cell in our bodies and cause atypical conditions within our bodies. This can be detrimental to your overall wellness. Mercury exposure can lead to health concerns and even chronic disease, including a variety of nervous, digestive, and immune issues.

What we know about mercury exposure and functional medicine

Healthcare professionals have spent extensive time, research, and resources learning how mercury affects our physiological and psychological health.

Although exposure to mercury can be inevitable, those who are allergic to mercury or those who have been exposed to high levels of mercury are at a higher risk for developing health problems as a result of exposure. The FDA even released its own mercury sensitivity self-test for consumers and patient to better protect themselves.

Here’s what we consider when treating patients who’ve been exposed to mercury:

  • The kind of mercury you’re exposed to
  • How much mercury you’re exposed to
  • Age of exposure (the younger you are, the more risk of adverse effects)
  • How long you were exposed
  • How you were exposed (ingestion, inhalation, skin contact)

Medical professionals have studied the dangers of amalgam fillings for decades. However, it wasn’t until the past ten years that international governmental and nongovernmental organizations began recommending the phasing out of amalgam and mercury-based dental restorations. Certain European countries, including Austria, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany, have banned mercury amalgam.

Why biological dentistry is a SMART-er option

While we’re making progress to spread awareness about the dangers of amalgam fillings, the majority of American dentists remain committed to using them. Holistic dentistry empowers more patients to get proactive about their health by questioning the chemicals and traumas that Western medicine subjects the body to.

That’s also why we employ the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal technique when conducting a mercury tooth fillings removal.

Many dentists proclaim to be mercury-free. Of those, many adhere to standard methodologies for mercury filling removal that have been shown to do more harm than good. Some procedures increase the risk of mercury exposure for both patients and the dental team. As certified members of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Wright and his team use the best protocols to provide patients with the safest possible removal of mercury fillings.

Put Your Whole Health in Holistically Trained Hands

As experienced Las Vegas dentists who specialize in providing thoughtful, through, and holistic care, our team can help restore health and vitality you didn’t even know you were missing through safe mercury removal. Start taking control of your health by consulting with Four Seasons Dental Spa about your options for a mercury-free mouth.

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