General Dentistry

Dental care is fundamental to maintaining your overall health and wellness. At our general dentistry practice in Las Vegas, we leverage the power of technology with education to transform your whole health. Four Seasons Dental Spa incorporates the power of modern diagnostic and imaging tools to create safe treatment options that promote long-term wellness.

General Dentistry Informed by Functional Medicine

At Four Seasons Dental Spa, we go out of our way to ensure that our patients are protected and informed. We perform preventative and restorative treatments, like the safe removal of poisonous mercury fillings. But, we also make sure to empower our patients with the information they need to keep their smile bright, white, and truly healthy.

Benefits of biological dentistry and personalized care

As the leading holistic dentistry practice in Las Vegas, Nevada, our mission is to work with our patients in an integrative approach informed by functional medicine. You don’t just get a treatment plan at Four Seasons Dental Spa. Instead, you get a personalized preventative care program designed for your specific health needs.

Our technology and information-driven, patient-centric approach has earned us a nationwide reputation for high-quality dental care. Even our routine dental visits employ state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to help protect and promote long-term holistic health.

Here’s what sets dental exams at our dental office apart from the rest:

  • Use of digital X-rays that emit far less radiation while giving your dentist a detailed look at the structures in your mouth
  • Use of the Early Detect cavity finder, which works with fluorescents to help patients easily identify early tooth decay
  • Gentle periodontal probe (offered with numbing gel for comfort)
  • Evaluation of existing dental restorations to ensure they aren’t harming your oral health
  • Pre-cancer and cancer screenings
  • Tooth cleaning using the least-toxic treatments available

Trust a Dentist Invested in Your Whole Health

At Four Seasons Dental Spa, we go out of our way to provide our clients with the most conscientious and thorough care possible. A better, healthier version of yourself is possible, especially with the right dental practice on your side. Improve your smile with Four Seasons Dental Spa by booking your appointment with our general dentist Las Vegas today!

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