Here at Four Seasons Dental Spa, we are proficient in finding and understanding the fundamental causes of our patient’s symptoms. The practice of functional dentistry requires careful and in-depth observations of the details that make you up as a whole.

What Is Functional Medicine and Dentistry?

Functional medicine and dentistry is an individualized, patient-focused, science-based medical approach. This practice empowers practitioners and patients to work together to identify the underlying causes of disease and executing procedures leading to optimal wellness.

The success of functional dentistry is comprised of understanding each patient’s:

  • Biochemical individuality
  • Family history
  • Genetics
  • Living environment
  • Diet
  • Sleep
  • Other lifestyle factors

This discipline is built on the personalization of healthcare, as each patient is provided a distinct and unique care plan. Functional medicine focuses on treating the individual rather than the disease.

Functional dentistry at Four Seasons Dental Spa

When you visit Four Seasons Dental Spa for functional dentistry, you will undergo a comprehensive examination and inquiry session. These evaluations provide us the opportunity to review and understand your health history.

In our examinations, we will discuss your family history, health history, and any noteworthy events which may have affected your health. Our physical examinations include evaluation of nerves, muscles, jaws, and teeth. These sessions typically take one to two hours to complete.

Following examinations, we will discuss the results and begin constructing a personal plan that will best fit your health needs.

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