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Safe Mercury Removal

Dental amalgam fillings, the removal process matters

The dangers surrounding mercury dental fillings are great. Mercury exposure can lead to a number of health issues. One of Dr. Wright’s mentors is Dr. Hal Huggins. Dr. Huggins considers mercury to be an instigator in many health issues, as mercury has the ability to permeate any cell in the body and cause atypical health conditions. However, many patients who have had mercury fillings removed experience the dramatic restoration of health and vitality, proving that removal is beneficial.

Having mercury fillings is like having a thermometer in your mouth. Every time you chew or drink beverages, mercury expands and contracts. Large mercury fillings can cause tooth fractures.

Some dentists will remove mercury fillings using standard methodology, further exposing patients, and the dental team, to this poisonous substance. Dr. Wright, a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, uses the protocol specified by this organization for the safest possible removal of mercury fillings.

You can view the IAOMT protocol here, or watch the video below

If you would like to regain control over your health by removing toxic mercury from your mouth, contact Four Seasons Dental Spa in Las Vegas for your appointment with Dr. Jim Wright.


A study, approved by the FDA, was conducted to evaluate the burden of mercury on the body, as well as toxicity levels and other factors. This self-test is intended to help dental and medical practitioners determine the need for safe amalgam removal. You can take the short Self-Test here.

Testing is also available at Four Seasons Dental Spa for patients who want to know more about their own genetics.

Opposition to mercury and dental amalgam is gaining ground!

There has recently been an extraordinary development in the worldwide amalgam debate, with the U.S. government announcing support of a “phase down” and eventual phase-out of mercury amalgam. The entire story can be read here.

In their long awaited report on amalgam, the World Health Organization encouraged a “switch in use of dental materials,” stating there are “many reasons” alternatives to dental amalgam are “desirable.” Details on three of these reasons can be read in the full story.

The Minamata Convention on Mercury has furthered progress in the use of mercury in amalgam fillings. This treaty was written to guard both the environment and human health from mercury toxicity via emissions and other releases by the institution of safe handling practices. It was adopted by the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee of the United Nations Environment Programme and was opened for signatures in October of 2013. Within the first day, 86 countries as well as the European Union signed the treaty, with another five countries signing shortly thereafter.

Mercury amalgam has already been banned in several other countries, including Finland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Germany. In California, dentists must supply patients with disclosure forms, and patients must sign this disclosure, acknowledging the use of controversial materials in their mouths.

One California city, Malibu, passed a resolution supporting “national and worldwide efforts to reduce anthropogenic sources of mercury to the environment,” endorsing the efforts made by the United Nations Environmental Programme to phase out five major contributors to mercury pollution, including amalgam fillings. The entire story can be read here.

Estimates are that 80 tons of poisonous mercury, more than 100 million dental fillings, are put into Americans' mouths each year. Michael Braunstein, of, says that 92 percent of dentists in our country remain committed to the use of amalgam, preferring this material over safer alternatives. There may be several reasons for this. Critics believe continued use could be economic in nature, as amalgam fillings are a lucrative business. It may also be that the use of amalgam is simply so ingrained that change is difficult.

We have the power to institute change! Through education and commitment, holistic dentists and patients alike are slowly realizing change is possible. With options for mercury-free fillings now available, there is no reason for you to put your health at risk with amalgam fillings.

Is the Mercury Poison in Your Teeth Devastating Your Health?

Click here to read the article.
Safe Mercury Removal Las Vegas - Bette Alexander "Hi Doctor Wright and Debby,
Both of you are wonderful people and so are your staff, Kim, Josh, Brea and Kitsy, whom I feel are also my friends. I had been so ill for six years and had spent around fifteen thousand dollars with doctors and tests, but none of them could find out what was wrong with me and I truly was near death and spent most of my day in bed. I had almost decided that I would not be alive for much longer, but happened to meet Jack Miller, a Homeopathic Biological assistant to the renowned physician William Lee Cowden, MD in Chandler, Arizona. I met him in our natural health food store here in Kingman. Jack did testing on me and found out I was mercury toxic from my fillings. I was told by him that I needed to have all my mercury fillings removed right now by a dentist who was a professional in removing them in a safe way or else it would make me even more poisoned and more sick than I already was. I began to search online and read the qualifications of dentists that were qualified to remove my fillings in a safe manner and Dr. Wright looked like the one for me. I called several times and talked with Debby Wright concerning the doctor’s schooling, qualifications and high tech equipment that he uses to remove the mercury. I made an appointment to go to Las Vegas which is a two hour drive one way for me and it was worth the drive. I believe two fillings were removed at that time after a complete consult and plan was talked about. I was happy to see that he took all precautions to make sure I and his staff used safe techniques to dispose of the toxic fillings and protect them and me. I returned home and each day I realized I was feeling a little better. I had more fillings out on the second appointment and now I feel like a brand new person! I have only two more fillings to go. The Dental Spa is the most pleasant office I have ever been to. They give you a TV, Blanket, Back Pillow and Oxygen Water while you are there, so the time goes by quickly and believe it or not pleasantly. Thank You all for helping me get well. Bless you and your wonderful staff. Sincerely,"
Bette Alexander
Kingman, Arizona

"Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas"

This short, informative video will give you an idea of the dangers of mercury in amalgam dental fillings.

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