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Dental technology is steadily progressing, and cosmetic dentists gain new ways to improve patients’ smiles. LUMINEERS are an example of advances in dental technology. This cosmetic treatment is an alternative to traditional porcelain veneers, making smile enhancement even more accessible to more people.
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LUMINEERS are porcelain veneers that are made so extremely thin that, in many cases, there is minimal need to remove surface enamel for an optimal fit. Like traditional veneers, LUMINEERS provide a wonderful solution for cosmetic dental problems like misalignment, discoloration, or wear and tear. In just a few visits, you can have a rejuvenated smile that increases your confidence.

In most cases, LUMINEERS can be placed with no drilling, which means no discomfort, no shots, and no medication. These minimal prep veneers have a limited warranty, and they have been clinically proven to last more than two decades. LUMINEERS are made only from patented Cerinate porcelain, a revolutionary material designed in a proprietary process available only by Cerinate Smile Design Studios, part of the Den-Mat Corp.

The process of treatment with LUMINEERS is similar to that of traditional porcelain veneers in that your smile transformation is completed over the course of two office visits. During your first visit, you and your dentist will discuss the details of treatment, and design the color of your new veneers. Impressions taken in our office will be sent to the Cerinate Smile Design Studio for the creation of customized, contact-lens thin LUMINEERS. Most patients are able to undergo this process with no preparation of natural teeth.

The second visit takes place about ten days later, similar to traditional porcelain veneers. After evaluating the veneers for its fit, your dentist will lightly etch the teeth in a painless process. This promotes a strong bond between the veneers and teeth. Bonding material is applied and LUMINEER veneers are put into place, and the bonding cement is cured with a special light.

Your smile can get you all the right attention. Contact Four Seasons Dental Spa for your consultation for cosmetic dental treatment. We provide quality holistic care in a relaxing spa setting so you can actually look forward to seeing the dentist!

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