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New Patient Comprehensive Holistic Dental Examination

A new patient comprehensive holistic dental examination with Dr. Jim Wright is only $239, or we will bill your insurance at our regular rates and accept a minimum of $239.

This offer is meant for a dental patient who is interested in seeking knowledge and learning as much as possible about his or her mouth, teeth, and any notable connections to whole body health.

Studies show that 80% of disease begins in the mouth. Dr. Wright is an internationally accredited Holistic, Biological Dentist who uses the latest technology with an integrative approach.

He combines the training he received with his mentors, Dr. Hal Huggins, Dr. Jerry Tennant, the International Academies (IAOMT and IABDM) and their many learned instructors and presenters.

He combines the best of high technology, DNA testing, dental materials testing, safe mercury removal at the highest level possible, holistic-homeopathic medicine practitioners training, and advice to achieve unsurpassed integrative results.

His exams are lengthy and thorough. He is a perfectionist, and his best patient outcomes are with patients who want the very best quality.

For patients who are interested in knowing and learning – you know who you are; Dr. Wright calls you Google Doctors – he will take his time and answer any and all of your questions. He believes knowledge is power and he has carefully educated himself and his staff to be able to give you all of the knowledge you desire regarding holistic, integrative, biological dentistry.

Dr. Jim Wright's New Patient Welcome or Patient Re-start for returning Patients include all of the items listed below and more:

Comprehensive Exam

  • Spectra state of the art cavity detection with the measurement of possible depths of cavities and decay (Patients say they benefit and understand so much more after going through this testing)
  • Intra oral photos. This is beneficial for future comparison and patient awareness
  • Cellular Oral Cancer Screening. With ONE American dying EVERY HOUR from Oral Cancer - this test is very important!
  • Full mouth low radiation digital x-rays. Up to 90% less radiation.
  • Periodontal gum evaluation and measurements
  • Regular adult or children's non-fluoride cleaning by his amazing hygienist Elizabeth
  • Cosmetic imaging to see the smile of your dreams. Dr. Jim is an artist and he loves helping patients with INVISALIGN and LUMINEERS after he achieves dental and gum health!
There is more, so please plan for about 3 hours. It is not a quick look, short visit. Dr. Wright and his team will spend real time going over your dental evaluation and answer any questions you may have.

Patients come from all over the country to consult with, and receive dental treatment from Dr. Jim Wright. Some recent visitors traveled from Florida, Carson City, Utah, Georgia, California, Washington, Alaska, and New York, while some of our visitors even traveled from Australia, New Zealand, England, Russia, and Amsterdam.

If you live in Las Vegas, you can avoid the travel and hotel expense!

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