About Our Dentistry in Las Vegas

At Four Seasons Dental Spa, we believe there’s a fundamental issue with traditional approaches to dentistry. Studies show that approximately 80% of chronic diseases are related to problems with oral health. Despite this, many dentists just stick to treating their patients’ mouths without taking into account the impact their treatments will have on the rest of the body.

Four Seasons Dental Spa Is Revolutionizing General Dentistry

Dr. Jim Wright is a pioneering holistic dentist who believes that maintaining dental health is a cornerstone of maintaining your overall health. Patients at Four Seasons Dental Spa can expect to receive gentle, holistic, and integrative dental care informed by the tenets of functional medicine. As an internationally accredited dentist, Dr. Wright’s mission is to provide his patients with the long-term expertise and care they need.

For that reason, our team is committed to working with you to ensure you keep as much of your natural teeth as possible. Our practitioners of biological general dentistry only use biocompatible materials. We specifically examine our patients to determine which materials are the most biocompatible for each case. We’re here to create a solution specific to your needs.

Experience holistic dentistry at its finest

Four Seasons Dental Spa in Las Vegas is more than just a dentist’s office. We have designed our practice with the unique needs of our patients and our mission in mind. As experts in biological dentistry, our holistic and integrative approach to dental health has improved the health, lives, and smiles of thousands of patients.

When you choose Four Seasons Dental Spa, you gain access to our advanced system for diagnosing oral health issues as well as biologically specific dental treatment options designed with your total health in mind.

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Experience the benefits of our advanced precision technologies through education and our holistic approach to dentistry and patient care. At Four Seasons Dental Spa, our dentists and our staff are committed to providing you with the care, technology, and knowledge you need to live a long, holistically healthy life.