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Antifungal - Formula 3® ProfessionalAntifungal

  • Odorless
  • Will not stain
  • Absorbed in seconds
  • Requires no drying time
  • Residue free - no removal or cleaning required
  • Will not blacken the nail
  • Conditions the nail and skin

Formula 3® is applied twice daily, morning and night with an applicator brush, to all affected nails and immediately adjacent skin.  Daily application is required for a period usually ranging from 3-6 months, depending upon the degree of involvement, until such time as the patient has grown out a new, full, healthy nail.  Weekly trimming by the patient, professional removal of the unattached nail, and debridement is suggested.

Formula 3® is backed by an unconditional, patient direct, money back guarantee.  Simply call the 800 number on the bottle for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. 

Tolnaftate, long approved by the FDA and universally accepted for its safety and efficacy, is now available in oil soluble form for topical treatment of nail fungus.

WASHINGTON, DC - July 8, 2006 -- The Tetra Corporation announced today the release of its New Patented Formulation of Oil Soluble Tolnaftate.  Since inception, Tolnaftate, a highly effective antifungal, was insoluble in both oil and water.  Administered for decades as emulsified creams, Tolnaftate has proven itself to be Unparalledled in both Safety and Efficacy in the treatment of Topical Fungal Conditions.  Introduced under the trademark Formula 3®, this New "Oil Soluble Tolnaftate Formula" will prove to be The First Effective Topical Treatment for Use on Toenail Fungus.  Tolnaftate is a synthetic broad-spectrum antifungal agent that inhibits the growth of dermatophytes, a type of fungus that grows on the skin, hair and nails.

Formula 3 was developed to provide topical therapy without systemic side effects.  It has been found to be safe and effective in treating nail fungus, with Most Patients Experiencing Resolution of Fungal Involvement in 3-6 Months.

Tolnaftate has a long history of clinical use for other applications, and has been marketed worldwide for over 40 years in cream, lotion and gel formulations.  It was first introduced in the US during the late 1950's.

Formula 3® Data

Patent protected oil soluble tolnaftate 1% = bioavailability

Patented Vehicle

Formula 3® is a patented oil soluble formulation of 1% tolnaftate.  The vehicle, jojoba oil, is a unique array of liquid wax esters that are chemically very similar to the sebum secreted from our sebaceous glands.  Jojoba and the skin's sebum are completely miscible.  This patented formulation delivers 1% tolnaftate through the nail to the site of the disease.  At a concentration of tolnaftate 1% is fungicidal.  In an independent clinical trial 95.61% of the participants experienced full resolution of their nail fungus - both clinical and mycological, after a 6 month period.  Formula 3® is the topical cure for onychomycosis and it is Good Science.

Important Attributes/Benefits of Formula 3®

It is odorless, does not stain, is absorbed in seconds, and requires no drying time.  You put it on and simply put your shoes and socks on and go about your day.  It leaves absolutely no residue, there is no build up on the nail.  You never have to remove it at the end of the week with a solvent or mechanically by filing.  It will not blacken the nail like products with tea tree oil or grape seed extract.  In fact, the oils in Formula 3® actually rehydrate and condition the nail and skin.  The nail looks better during treatment, not worse, which helps to increase your compliance.  And it conditions the nail and skin.  If there is distal nail detachment, put Formula 3® under the nail and it will aid in reattachment as the nail grows out.  With an avulsion, once the nail bed has healed, apply Formula 3® to condition the nail bed to establish a fungal barrier and aid in attachment as the new nail grows out.

It is important to be compliant with the recommendation of 2 times daily for the most effective results.

Treatment of Skin Fungus

Formula 3® may be used to cure Tinea Pedis.  Doctors are treating inter-digital Tinea with 3 applications.  Morning, night, next morning and it's gone.  The itching subsides in as little as 20 minutes.  Our patented vehicle -- jojoba oil -- wicks tolnaftate 1% right into the nail and skin.  The tolnaftate in the 17 other treatments for Tinea available today, without exception, is emulsified -- it is not in solution.  That is why it takes the other treatments 2-4 weeks BID to get their active ingredient to the site of involvement.

Questions and Answers

Is Formula 3® FDA approved for the treatment of nail fungus?

Tolnaftate, the active ingredient in Formula 3®, has been FDA approved for over 50 years.  The treatment of nail fungus is an off label use.  Our patented technology makes Tolnaftate oil soluble and can now penetrate the nail.

How many applications can be made with one bottle of Formula 3®?

Our 1/2 oz. bottle will treat two large nails for at least four months.  It will treat all 10 toenails for about 2-3 months.

How long does it take to dry?

Formula 3® is an oil and requires no drying time.  It is odorless and does not stain.  It is absorbed in seconds.  Simply apply the product and massage it into the nail.  It's that simple.

Is this a topical for mild to moderate involvement?

Doctors have found that Formula 3® works best if there is some clear nail visible.  However, if you do have 100% of the exposed nail involved and are unable to take oral medication, try Formula 3®.  With debridement, Formula 3® produces excellent results.  It is 100% refundable so you have everything to gain.

Any skin sensitivity associated with the use of Formula 3®?

No.  In fact the oils in Formula 3® actually condition the skin.

What if I am allergic to nuts; any precautions?

Nut allergies are a reaction to the essential oils of the nut.  Formula 3® contains no essential oils.

What if there is distal detachment of the nail?

Formula 3® applied under the nail will condition the skin and aid in the reattachment of the nail.

If I apply Formula 3® to my fingernails, is there any concern or precautions for ingestion?

There is no evidence that there is a risk if ingested.  However, you should avoid eye contact.

How long should I wait to wash so as not to remove or compromise the application?

Formula 3® is absorbed within seconds of contact.  Once applied, you need not wait to wash or resume your routine.

When is the best time to apply Formula 3®?

Apply Formula 3® twice daily, morning and evening.  It is better to apply Formula 3® before showering when the nail has more capacity for absorption.  It shold be noted that virtually equal results were achieved with after shower applications.

Are there any side effects? 

There is no evidence of side effects associated with its use.  Although, a very small percentage of patients have developed a sensitivity to Tolnaftate.  This has been evidenced by very minor skin irritations and redness.

The label on the bottle states, "This product is not effective on scalp or nail infections."

That is a labeling requirement of the FDA that in the strictest sense recognizes nail fungus as a mycosis rather than an infection. 

What is the vehicle?

The jojoba oil.

What is the shelf life?

5 years.

Can pregnant women use it?

Tolnaftate has a pregnancy rating of Category C.

Can patients wear nail polish?

No - Formula 3® will not penetrate a polished nail.

What is the difference between Formula 3® and lacquer treatments?

Because Formula 3® is a blend of all natural oils, it will not irritate the skin or build up on the nail and require removal.  The natural oils in Formula 3® will conditioni the skin and leave no residue whatsoever.  In practice, doctors have been using Formula 3® to treat fungus inter-digitally and also to condition the nail bed to aid in reattachment of the distal area of the nail.

Will Formula 3® prevent splitting and cracking of the nail?

Yes.  The natural oils will soften the nail and prevent the splitting and cracking associated with Onychomycosis.

What test was used to confirm efficacy?

KOH Stain.

What if I'm not satisfied?

Formula 3® is backed by an unconditional, patient direct, money back guarantee.  Simply call the 800 number on the bottle for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.